Hi, I’m Marshall Adler and my SEO just isn’t too good.

Marshall Adler Denver SEO

Marshall Adler Denver SEO is my name! Well, I’M not REALLY Marshall Adler “King of SEO” but this blog is about him/me and Search Engine Optimization.

This is what he/me looks like in case you see him/me.


Notice, I am most definitely not Marshall S. Adler Attorney at Law. That guy is cool and actually hires some darn good SEOs, they think they can outrank me too. LOL!!

Marshall (Me, not Marshall S.) likes to think he’s the greatest Denver SEO in the world, he’s not. Too bad, the few customers he has, that are scared to leave, we’ll get into that in a bit, really wish he actually performed the quality SEO that he says he does.

Oh, btw just to make it easier, my “brands” are Sky High Media, irankfast.com, and a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t rank.

Check this out, this is how I introduce myself to prospective clients:

While I would like to say that ‘WE’ are a large group of SEO providers with unique skills and abilities from all over the world who came together to form a private club offering luxury branding services to A-list CEO’s and billionaire Entrepreneurs… we’re actually an army of a few serving CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and successful small business owners all over the Greater Denver Area, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Colorado the United States and now we’ve even started optimizing sites in Canada, UK, Europe and England.”

I know, Hu? Right? Makes no sense at all does it? LOL, I laugh at myself sometimes, how do I even manage to buy coffee right much less be the bestest Denver SEO in all of the magical realms. I go on to say:

“I may be one guy (as the only on-duty SEO who does the on-site coding and backlinking once your site goes live), however I’m fifty steps ahead of the rest of the SEO providers in my industry in that I’ve invented everything that I do”. Because I am super duper smart, or, something. I’ve created a way (I’d be lying if I said it was approved by Google) to guarantee placements in organic search on major search engines for both Local and National keywords. It’s just not none of those major search engines are Google, Bing or Yahoo, but hey, who cares right?

Unlike our competitors with large staffs and huge overheads we operate from home offices (soon to be getting office space as of December 2016) and we accomplish the same goals as the big players; ranking our clients on page-one and pulling targeted traffic that converts on autopilot. However with ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE…

(I’m not sure why I went on and on telling you how great and different we were because we didn’t have an office – and then I told you were were moving to an office, err, but anyway, let’s get back to our story. ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE…)

Hmm, completely forgot what I was saying, heh. Well, hire me at Sky High Media and I’ll do the same for you, forget about what I’m supposed to be doing for you. The truth is, all I do is buy backlinks, which is against Google’s terms of service, but i never tell my customers about that. The greatest strength of my Denver SEO is that I NEVER tell customers what I really do. BTW, that’s the system I have invented, we tell the customers NOTHING of what we are doing. I call it the “Marshall Adler Blind-faith SEO Method” NOBODY knows the details of this and I will go TO MY GRAVE with this secret!!!!!

And best of all, if any of my Denver SEO customers, or Fort Collins SEO customers, or Longmont SEO customers ever want to leave, because their rank sucks, I threaten them by making their website rank LOWER. Cool right? I keep customers even when they don’t want to stay with me.

Don’t forget, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO confident that I will rank you fast, I even put it in writing here: http://www.irankfast.com/. And that PROVES I am #1 at Denver SEO, Longmont SEO and Fort Collins SEO! The website name says it!! I Rank Fast!

Want even MORE proof that I Rank Fast? Check out these TWO videos that I paid for!

Oh, by the way, this website is intended to be (wink, wink) 100% satire. But hire me anyway, so it the rank I get you. 🙂

Oh sweet!! Just got a great link from an anon who thinks I am a dirty rotten backlink buyer. Whaaaaat, me?

Marshall Adler SEO Guy Buys Links

Okay, I admit it, the guy looks like me, sounds like me, talks and walks like me, heck, he even lives where I do,but that’s not me, for sure. I would never buy Denver SEO Links. Right?


8 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Marshall Adler and my SEO just isn’t too good.

  1. Hey! I sent you a contact request from the contact us page but, i guess it didn’t get through. I have similar views on this Marshall Adler guy and I’d like to know more about him. I’d request you to not delete this blog as i’d like to show this to one of his high profile client. Pls get back to me on my email and let’s share some more views on him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for commenting on my awesome Marshall Adler Denver SEO Blog! There is no point in me following some of those other people because they don’t know or understand Search Engine Optimization like I do. Me following them would only bring me down and I want to go up! If we were going to be truthful about it, they should all be following me. NONE of them have a blog as good as this one!! I am the KING of all that is SEO and the sooner you folks understand that the better off we will all be!!

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      • The fuck this is interesting. A guy from dhaka, bangladesh thinks that this is marshall adler’s blog and he is promoting this dhaka guy for the backlinks he purchased from him. World is full of idiots. My lungs are out of my mouth laughing on this one… epic reply Mr. Marshall Adler

        Liked by 1 person

      • I am the king of kings!! SEO wise anyway . . . I leave the other stuff to Jesus. So the SEO King of Kings, NOBODY (not even Jesus) can compete!!

        Yeah. some people will believe whatever they want about Marshall Adler, King of SEO Kings, and confirmed mighty SEO of the fourth realm!!

        No, I am NOT here promoting some guys with weak ass backlinks. Sorry whoever you are, but your backlinks ARE weak if you are who I (Marshall Adler) is/am buying them from. No, rather I am hear outranking Marshall Adler Denver SEO for his own branding terms in an effort to punish him/myself for being a major SEO dick! How am I doing? You can check in here: https://marshalladler.wordpress.com/how-am-i-marshall-adler-ranking-for-my-own-name/ and see how I am doing, where I will start to track my own ranking!! And without the crappy dhaka backlinks!


    • Off the hook indeed, after all, I AM Marshall Adler, soon to be Lord Of The Fourth Realm!! That’s right, I’m up for a promotion, can you believe it!? I just got the news yesterday, I’m so very excited. I’ve invited my entire family just for the promotion notification ceremony. That’s right, I’m not a “shoe-in” but come on, you have to agree I deserve it.

      And I AM special, a Very special person indeed!

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