Am I really The “Emarketing Guy”?

Okay, okay okay, stop it! I mean stop it why don’t you? LOL. I’m getting soooooooo famous from this blog about all of my Denver SEO work and the MANY, MANY people I have helped. I actually took the page down from my website because it got busted as TOTAL BS but then I found it again here: My HUGE list of SEO clients.

Okay, they weren’t all actually SEO clients, but I’ve been to their websites so they should count as having done SOME business with them right?

Want to check out an article I wrote myself and told the world what a great SEO I was? You can see it here: I totally made it sound like somebody else was thanking me . . . . didn’t want it to sound self serving so I used a fake name. I TOLD you I was smart!!!!!

Oh, oh, I know, wait, let me find it. Okay here it is, how about this one, did you know that I AM the only Grey Hat SEO firm in all of Colorado? And I know that because I know every single other SEO in ALL of Colorado, right? No, really, you HAVE to believe me!!

Marshall Adler Grey Hat SEO Denver

I know, I know. You are wondering how the heck could I make such a stupid claim right? It’s simple, I just refuse to allow reality to get in my way. Forget that I label myself as a white hat SEO to my customers. For the people on Fiverr, they know me as Grey Hat Marshall, mighty SEO of the Fourth Realm!

And just in case you are looking for more about me and my Denver SEO’ness, you can see this bit about me right here (click on the image to go to the site).

Marshall Adler Denver SEO

I’m kind of a cute guy, hu? I was pretty determined back then but I was honestly just as full of it and myself back then too. Someday I’ll tell you about how I refuse to tell you about all of my super duper SEO techniques and systems that I have developed hand in hand with Google. Did I tell you that I am the ONLY SEO guy in Colorado working directly with Google and they call me before ANY update so that I can make sure my clients continue to rank?

Okay, if I DID happen to tell you all of that I was lying, but if you didn’t knwo any better, it sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Hint, hint, most of the people I work for don’t know better, LOL. Straight to the bank baby!!!

money baby