How am I Marshall Adler Ranking For My Own Name?

I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!! Darn it, brilliant and seriously stupid at the same time. I should totally track the rank of this blog, show you the terms I am going after (even though I haven’t gone after all of them yet). That’s right, waiting to spring my trap!!

Anyway, please show and tell others about my awesome blog. If you want to send smoking backlinks my way, do that too!!

So, with little ado, here are my keywords and the ranking of those as of 7-06-2017!! God bless us all!!

Marshall Adler Google Rank

So let’s have a bit of a deep look shall we? How about this one?

Marshall Adler out ranks himself!

LOL, #1!! I outranked my own domain!! How much must I suck as an SEO to put up a brand new blog without ANY age or authority and outrank my OWN domain!! Wha, what!!??

Let’s start making it a bit harder why don’t we, how about my name and Denver, where I profess to be the most awesomest fella ever!

Marshall Adler Denver SEO Rocks The rank

LOL, still beating up on myself!! Are you kidding, only LinkedIn beats me?? I AM A KING!!!

Okay, okay, okay, just too much fun right?? How about JUST my name? There is NO way that I outrank my OWN domain for my name right? No way, how could that even happen?

marshall adler climbing the SERPS

That’s right, you’ll see some high authority web 2.s there but you won’t even see my domain on that page!! But what do you see? That’s right bucko, my blog!! Blammo, in your face, touch down, home run, Ace of spades, err, um, I mean Full house!! I am the winnar!!