Oops, did I say paid links for SEO?

There seems to be some confusion as to if I use paid links for SEO purposes. Of course I do silly, creating my own valuable links would take WAY too much effort.

Marshall SEO Links

LOL, if you read the above you’ll get a bit of a giggle yourself. I mention that it’s “blackhat” if you have a lot of links with no PR. Hah, hah, hah, hah. ROTFLMAO. Obviously I know that paying for backlinks at all is TOTALLY blackhat, as per Google’s terms of services, as can be seen here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/93713?hl=en

Denver SEO Paid Links

but the key here is to not let my customers know this. LOL

Really, listen to this, customers think because they aren’t actually doing this mess themselves, somehow they will be protected from Google’s wrath. LOL…..

Marshall Laughing at customers

They have NO idea that Google doesn’t care and will hold them responsible for what their SEO does. And then I just get to move on to the next customer. I LOVE this business!!

Dag gun it! I just had to show you again that Marshall Adler Lies?

Ok, I think we’ve determined that I am but may not be Marshall Adler, right? And we know that at the VERY least I’m all about stretching the limits of reality, just ready the image below:

Marshall Adler

First thing you’re probably wondering is what the the heck is a 6-12 mindset right? LOL, it means nothing at all!! ROLFLMAO!! People are Soooo easy to mess with!! See, if you start out a big sales pitch making it sound alike you know what the heck you are talking about, people start to really listen, especially in Denver, where I try to do most of my SEO.

Then in the same breath, I totally slam, degrade, destroy every other SEO around who is working by saying their stuff sucks!

Then I go back to confusing you and making it seem like you are the one confused, not me, by saying that I guarantee your ranking within 90 days! Annnnnnndddd 180 days or less. That’s right, 90 X 2 is 180, so with am I guaranteeing? 90 or 180? The truth is, it’s neither if you manage to read the small print on my contracts. Well, there is a guarantee, BUT it’s not a guarantee that you will rank.

Then I go on to tell you make it sound like what every SEO should be doing (meta tags, correct content, understanding keywords etc) is some sort of magic elixir that only I have. When in truth ANY competent SEO should be doing this stuff as well.

Then this is where I really turn up the heat, I straight up tell you that I get backlinks for you & the it’s Google approved! LOL, I love this crap!!

You decide, is Marshall Adler NOT telling the truth?